Wupatki National Monument, a Window to the Future

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Transition Town Payson

Nine Hundred years ago Native Americans braved the elements and survived in Northern Arizona.

The climate they thrived in was different than it is today.  They were able to plant and raise crops that along with native plants and hunting provided them with enough food to survive.

The Box Canyon and Lomaki pueblos show the ingenious use of the natural geography to provide water to drink as well as raise crops.

These people were masters of Sustainability.  Collecting water from overland flow was how they grew their crops.

Why they left is mostly a mystery. What research has been done points to their exodus being caused by an extended period of drought!

Without water to drink or grow crops many of the Native Americans in the Southwest left this environment and settled in the Southern Colorado foothills and other locales that would provide them with the necessary water of life.

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