Week 24: Native American Cultures

ceremony, conference, drum, drumming, friendship, history, indigenous, music, NAISA, Native Americans, prayer, round dance, Saskatoon

A Cynic's 2013 Challenge

There is something about the drums. Something human and primal, something ancient and something joyously present: that pulse that runs up your spine, raises the hair on your arms and ends in a tingle on the skin of your fingertips. Listeners to Radio 4’s recent series Science of Music may subscribe this sensation to the fact that when listening to music our brains are seeking patterns: what sound could therefore be more satisfying to our maths-hungry minds than rhythmic drumming? But perhaps our response to the drums is not pure biology, perhaps it has something to do with another theory I heard this week: that drumming is a spiritual experience, it lifts us, it is an ancient inheritance that calls out to those who have gone before. When we move to the beat of the drums, we are not simply holding hands with those beside us, we are dancing with…

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