slot machines and what not

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broken bats splinter

There are 460 Native American gambling casinos run by 240 tribes. From Milwaukee’s Potawatomie to Lone Butte in Chandler, Arizona, (1) round and round you go in an air conditioned tourist bus placing bets and….

What if the Iroquois Confederacy really did have a big influence on the American Constitution? The five nation peace is an attractive  legacy, especially to those who don’t mind surrendering their ears to a megaphone’s play by play of the passing scenery.

It would be like the Real Bronx Tours (2) parading through American ghettos where all that exciting crime takes place. Apparently, Europeans and Australians had  been buying tickets in bunches until they discontinued the activity. (2) Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz called the tour “the biggest fool on the planet….disgusting.”

Can you imagine how much those same European and Australian tourists would dig a look around American Indian Reservations with gambling hoe downs each and every night?…

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