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Native American Serpents: Gitaskog

Source: nativeamericanencyclopedia.comNative American Serpent

Name: Gitaskog

Tribal affiliation: Abenaki, Penobscot

Alternate spellings: Gtaskog, Kitaskog, Kita-skog, Keeta-skog, Giciskog, Gichi-skog, Gitaskogak (plural form)

Pronunciation: gee-tah-skog

Also known as: Msaskog, Msa-skog, Tatoskog, Tatoskok, Pita-skog, Peeta-skog, Peetaskog

Type: Lake monster, serpent

Related figures in other tribes: Kci-Athussos (Maliseet), Jipijka’m (Micmac), Kichiginebig (Anishinabe), Maneto (Fox)

Gitaskog or Tatoskok is an underwater horned serpent, common to the legends of most Algonquian tribes. It is said to lurk in lakes and eat humans. All of its names are variants on the meaning “great serpent” or “big serpent.”

Source: native-languages


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