The Doorways to the Past: Hohokam Houses

Presented by Pueblo Grande Museum and Archaeological Park at Pueblo Grande Museum and Archaeological Park


The Doorways to the Past: Hohokam Houses exhibit is located along the Ruin Trail and consists of an adobe compound and pit-house cluster. Artifact replicas and other features give the visitor the experience of walking back in time to visit the ancient Hohokam people at Pueblo Grande.

The Hohokam constructed a number of features used for domestic purposes. This type of architecture would have probably been constructed and used by immediate or extended family groups. Domestic architecture among the Hohokam included early pit-houses and later coursed-adobe houses. These homes were built of materials gathered from the desert landscape. Since these natural materials erode, there are no prehistoric Hohokam homes in existence today. Doorways to the Past allows visitors to experience what these ancient homes were once like. The replicas, constructed from modern materials, are based on recent archaeological data as well as information from historic cultures of the Southwest.

Pit-house – Ruin Trail Exhibit.

More than a 1000 years ago, the Hohokam built wood framed, houses covered with adobe mud in shallow pits. These homes were arranged around a shared courtyard. You can explore a cluster of three pit-house replicas along the Ruin Trail at the museum. Walk inside a pit-house and discover how the Hohokam made their homes and the activities that took place there. Tour the central courtyard with tools, cooking and storage equipment, like those once used by the Hohokam.

Compound – Ruin Trail Exhibit.

The later Hohokam adobe homes were surrounded by walls, like many of today’s suburban houses. Extended family groups probably shared these compounds. Tour Pueblo Grande’s replicated compound, go inside an adobe-style room, and explore a courtyard like those where Hohokam artisans once worked.



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