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June 19, 2015 · 8:39 am

Awaken – from Mayan Elder, Don Alejandro (Wandering Wolf )

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

Uploaded on Dec 16, 2009
Thanks to S.

Deep inside the heart of Mother Earth, in sacred Mayan Caves in Guatemala, Wandering Wolf shares some of the prophecy he was taught by his Elders.

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Cahokia Mounds to Mark Sacred Solstice Sunday

Cahokia Mounds, Collinsville, Native Americans, Woodhenge

CBS St. Louis

COLLINSVILLE, Ill. (KMOX) – Curators at Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site have announced that they will mark the annual summer solstice in a manner similar to how Native Americans did a millennium ago.

Woodhenge, a calendar of posts on the site, aligns with sunrise on the longest day of each year, the shortest day, and during the equinoxes, times at which day and night are equal in length. The Mississippian people considered those days sacred, according to experts.

On Sunday, June 21 visitors to the site will be able to stand where residents of Cahokia Mounds once did and watch the sun rise over the mounds.

Curators at the site ask visitors to arrive by 5:20 a.m. for an explanation of Woodhenge by an archaeologist.

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Guidelines for Palliative Care Services in the Indian Health System

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The Story of Millie Durgan * Beyond “The Searchers”

American West, captives, estrangement, history, John Wayne, journalism, Kiowa, kiowa warriors, Millie Durgan, Native Americans, Rainy Mountain KCA Cemetery, Rainy Mountain Kiowa Baptist Church, The Lawton Constitution, The Searchers

jackhole journo scttrains

I was fortunate enough to be able to share this amazing story of a Kiowa captive. Sure, it’s been told before but this was to be the first time told from the Native American side of things. If you’ve ever seen “The Searchers,” this is its source story … but way cooler.



Courtesy photo
A rare photo of Millie Durgan late in her life. She was taken in 1864 from her Texas home at 18 months and lived a lifetime as a Kiowa woman before passing in 1934.

The Legend of Millie Durgan


The tale of Millie Durgan is one woven from the fabric of many stories.

Elements have been told through time, including in the noted book “The Searchers,” which inspired a movie that starred John Wayne.

But Candy Kauley Morgan, a descendant of Millie Durgan…

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G-2 Intelligence, Code Talkers

Code Talkers, family history, Intelligence, Military, Military History, Native Americans, Navajo, Pacific War, veterans, WWII

Pacific Paratrooper


During WWI, the Choctaw language had been used to transmit U.S. military messages. With this thought in mind, Philip Johnston, the son of a missionary grew up on a Navajo reservation and spoke the Diné tongue fluently, brought the suggestion of a similar code to General Clayton Vogel early in 1942. The Diné language has no alphabet, uses no symbols and one sound may hold an entire concept. The idea was tested and proved to be faster and more reliable than the mechanized methods. The language has more verbs than nouns, that helps to move the sentences along and makes it far more difficult for outsiders to learn – making it the most ingenious and successful code in military history.


The original class, the 382d Platoon, Navajo Communication Specialists, USMC, developed their code at Camp Pendleton. Once a unit of code talkers were trained, they were put on Marine rosters…

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Any Native Americans in your roots?

Indian, Indian tribes, Native Americans

Where Did They Go?

I have had several researchers tell me they have Native American roots and were trying to research that possible connection.  Sadly, it isn’t as easyresearch project as it should be, partly due to the culture of Native American’s and partly due to our government.

There is a site out there that can get you started in the right direction if you know or have an idea of the tribal nation your relative belonged to.  Native American Nations has pages listed for many tribes, which may help you find a resource in locating that link to your suspected Native American lineage. also holds the US Indian Census rolls from 1885-1940.  For a fee, you can search those records, keeping in mind, they do not contain the amount of information the regular census does.

A few other resources to check: Tribal Directory and the Tribal Leader’s Directory.

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